Air Walking Braces CAM Walkers Short

Air Walking Braces CAM Walkers Short

Features & Benefits:

  • • Ideal following metatarsal fractures, bunionectomies, acute ankle sprains, stress and stable fractures of the lower leg and forefoot

  • Tendon, ligament tears/strains 

  • • Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure

  • • Lightweight design

  • • Unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame helps to modify the level of pressure on the injury at both the malleoli and lower leg

  • • Soft nylon/foam liner has an integrated pump design making the pneumatic liner simple to inflate and adjust


Features & Benefits:

  • • Intuitive Sole to promote natural gait

  • • Quick Press Release Valve

  • • High Grade Polymer Material

  • • Shock Absorption Feature in Sole

  • • Air Bladder that covers larger surface area

  • • Rivets on struts for better fitting

  • • Manufactured with Medical Grade Materials

  • • Comfort Pads to minimize pressure points


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